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GOOD GOD THIS IS AMAZING! I really enjoyed that you combined so many different Deviants and so many Deviant Art logistics. also, I was ...



"I wish I would've asked you out,
I wish I didn't have these doubts
about myself in those three minutes
that you stood in front of me.

I wish I hadn't walked away,
I wish I had the guts to say
'would you be my'
I wish I would've asked you to be my valentine~"

I Love You Emote 

had this in my pictures file of me and bae for about two months now, decided to post it cuz my account's looking really depressing
    The sun, salty mist, and wind beat down on the silver Aerial as she gazed into the distance. She smiled at the distant shore as she perched on the mast of her tiny ship; and she was approximately four feet away for one of the docks. She hopped off the ship, and onto the shore, letting it submerge into the murky waters of the Wetland Harbor.
    The Pheladorian Wetlands weren’t all that great, at least to her. Nevertheless, it was nothing more that a trade market. The docks reeked of the sea and half-dead fish, traders argued with their customers on the right price for their goods, entire animals were tossed around like ragdolls as the were auctioned off, and Tidals leapt from the waves and onto the docks, shook off their coats, and strolled towards shore.
    “Excuse me!”
    The voice of a stranger rang out behind her, a heavy Australian Accent. She turned, and grinned.
    “What ever is the matter, my good friend?” He ears perked forwards at the dark Tidal innocently.
“You have to pay two silver pieces to dock here. And sign your name.” he added, pointing to his clipboard.
He was obviously gesturing to half-sunken ship at the end of the dock. She lifted a sarcastic brow as she turned back to him.
“How about a gold piece, and we forget the name?” she cheerfully supplied, setting a single, glistening coin on the palm of her hand.
The dockmaster exchanged looks with the human boy standing next to him. He lifted his brows to him, tilting his head towards the Aerial before them.
“Alright then.” he hesitated, taking the coin. “Be sure to do somethin’ ‘bout that leak.”
“I sure will.” she replied sarcastically.
The dockmaster turned away from her, continuing down the wooden platform. The female eyed him as he boarded another ship in inspect, and she picked up a small, cloth sack. She held it next her ear, and shook it to receive the faint jingle of coins. She smiled, and gently tucked it underneath her wing.
The Adventure Begins
Me: gee what should i do today Brain? Smut fic? Moar sinfull stuff? or-?
mom's a homophobe/has a thing against genderfluid people, been grounded from my phone for two months now, dislocated my hip, probably not gonna go to NYC tomorrow.

Say hello to the miserable realm that is my tortured noggin.
hey people!

soooo yeah, I'm a girl, and I have a girlfriend now. (TASTE THE RAINBOW MATHAHFACKAH!)

my friends, sister, and loads of other people a super supportive, even some of my teachers support the cause.

AAAAAAAANYHOODLES, I identify as "Biromantic", which means I'm only attracted to someone if I feel a strong, emotional connection with them.

Me and Chy have been besties since the 4th grade, and I started questioning my sexuality in the 7th grade, when being gay/lesbian was becoming kind of the "norm".

after telling my parents that I was questioning my sexuality, my dad hardly batted an eye. but my mom-however-completely flipped out. since then, I leaned that she was a homophobic. I love her to pieces but I wish she would at least support the cause. she gets kind of skeptical when I bring Chy up, which I've learned to ignore. But every time I bring The rainbow up, she gives me a fifteen-minute rant on how I'm "too young" to think about that kind of thing"

she even bought this up today, and I responded with "How long 've you been straight?"

She responded "since I was born"

" 'you're too young to determine your sexuality' said no one to their heterosexual teenager."

and she just stood there like "WAAAAAT?"

If you're spending today with a special someone, I hope today is a day that strengthens your relationship.

if you're not, don't sweat it! real feelings aren't dedicated to just one day, and there's a lot of life to live, so enjoy it.

I'm RainstormOfEquestria, Thanks for reading!


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Drawing insanely cute stuff is how I temporarily distract myself from the terrors of existence!


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